Opportunities For Investment


o   Construction of processing plants for products such as palm oil, fruit and vegetables, cashew, coffee, cotton and cocoa

o   Fertilisers, pesticides and fungicides

o   Added value investment in sectors such as packaging and construction materials.

o Machinery

o Agri-Business on all levels



There are growing opportunities in the mining sector following the adoption of the 2014 Mining Code and the end of the United Nations (UN) export ban on diamonds from Côte d’Ivoire.

 Although the legalisation surrounding diamond sales is significant, the current small-scale nature of the sector means it will take time to develop the diamond industry. It will likely remain a small source of export revenue in the medium term.

 Mining Opportunities exist in the following areas:

o   manganese

o   gold

o   nickel

o   diamonds

o   iron

o   cobalt

o   tantalite


Oil and Gas 

Oil and gas reserves are estimated at 100 million barrels and 30 billion cubic meters, respectively. Côte d’Ivoire has the potential to become a medium-sized, offshore oil producer. It imports crude oil to be refined locally.

 There are opportunities for:

o   exploration and production (E&P)

o   gas storage and transportation

o   development of a natural gas distribution network

o   quality control and improvement



Côte d’Ivoire is looking to rebuild and improve its infrastructure, repositioning itself as an economic powerhouse of West Africa. 

There are opportunities for new  business  in:

o   roads, bridges, railways and highways

o   housing, schools and universities

o   construction (including renovation)

o Major JV and government PPP and BOT/BOOT projects